The reliability of this technology is unique on this sharing market.

Environmentally friendly, 100% energy self-sufficient bike-sharing system

SYCUBE is the e-mobility partner in an urban renewal project of the European Union.

SYCUBE e-mobility-sharing systems

SYCUBE is a full-range supplier of e-mobility solutions, which means that conventional bikes, pedelecs, e-scooters, fully automated bike garages as well as e-cargo-bikes are integrated in one system only. Locked and latched with one single technology protected by patents. This reliable technology is unique on this sharing market.


Environmentally friendly solutions

SYCUBE specializes in environmentally friendly solutions in the area of e-mobility. These scalable and independent solutions have been optimized for the use in various companies, in the tourism sector as well as in urban areas.


Fully automated systems

SYCUBE focuses on the use of fully automated systems. They may be characterized by higher acquisition costs, but the operating costs are far less in comparison to other systems on the market, which results in low total cost of ownership.


Various vehicles

SYCUBE bike sharing systems operate with various vehicles in one system only. Hence, we have systems in which pedelecs (e-bikes), conventional bikes and e-scooters are operating in the same system.

SYCUBE Bikesharing 4.0

The success factors of bike sharing

SYCUBE Hardware

SYCUBE patented core technology
Lock and load in one single step. Various voltages (24V – 48V) and ampere units (up to 5A).
  • Space-saving – 12 bikes require only 13.25 m²
  • Possible on a foundation or without construction work on various steel plates
  • Easily extendable
  • Fast assembly and dismantling
  • Energy self-sufficient solar systems
  • High protection against vandalism
  • High-quality products (stainless steel, etc.) – No risk of graffiti.
Terminal Light
  • 7“ Color Touch Screen Display
  • Display with charge status of pedelecs
  • Easy usability
  • Multilingual
  • Integrated RFID-System
  • Space-saving
  • Map with all stations (e.g. Google)
  • WIFI Hotspot possible
Terminal Eco-Solar

Additional functionalities to Terminal Light:

  • Solar module for energy self-sufficiency
  • Energy storage through special batteries
  • Special computing technology
  • Functional up to three weeks without sunlight
Terminal All in One
  • Visible charge status of pedelecs
  • Easy usability
  • Multilingual
  • Various payment methods (e.g. credit cards)
  • Identification: RFID, smartphone, code
  • Videos possible
  • Map with all stations (e.g. Google)
  • WIFI Hotspot

SYCUBE Software

SYCUBE Bikesharing Software
The entire Customer Base Management is the basis of the software system. Corporate customers can be managed easily – only one corporate card but a large number of employees. The invoices will be sent directly to the company. Individual tariff management available.
Fleet Management
The fleet management gives you an overview of all available vehicles in the system.
Incident Management
The SYCUBE-Backoffice-Software contains sophisticated notification systems of different persons responsible (e.g. service center). That way an ideal overview of the entire system is guaranteed and potential problems that may occur can be solved immediately.
This tool provides everything that the operating company may need for the billing process and possibly the controlling of received payments (via interface to accounting software). Setting a credit limit or blocking of customers is possible at any time.
Tariff Management
Through the SYCUBE software various tariffs can be managed. Starting with subscriptions right through to a completely individually adjustable tariff management.
Group Management
A geographical extension of your Bikesharing system is possible at any time. Examples: 1 international tariff (bikesharing access for the entire region) 1 regional tariff (bikesharing access for certain regions) 1 tariff for certain customer groups.
With the SYCUBE Bikesharing software there is a variety of standardized reports at your disposal. You may create your own individual reports based on your needs.
Rental Process

Renting and reservation with modern APP technology, plus additional options:

  • Short term reservations: The SYCUBE APP allows the short term reservation of bikes or other e-mobility vehicles.
  • Inclusion of institutions in the tourism sector as well as other companies: SYCUBE creates interfaces to already existing access systems.
Digital Signage
Combination of Bike-sharing and Digital Signage: Increase of income and information such as event calendars at so-called mobility points.

SYCUBE cost and income strategy


Cost strategy of our systems

  • High quality and reliability of products: low maintenance costs, less risk of vandalism
  • High quality of tyres: low maintenance costs and highest acceptance
  • Smartphone APPvsTablet: Low acquisition costs and no risk of vandalism
  • Regional production possible: cost reduction plus added value in the region
  • Self-sufficient system: low costs

Income strategy of our systems

  • Many opportunities for advertisingMany opportunities for advertising
  • Experience in Digital Signage
  • sectorIncrease of income due to integrated pedelecs (higher fees possible)
  • Different target groups allow additional income
  • Residents: Renting with RFID or APP
  • Tourists: Renting with APP or code, but also with hotel room key card
  • Companies: Renting with employee card


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